Dog Training Tips for Newbies

Hello today, we’ll be going over some dog training essentials. Dog training is very important because you want to have a helpful animal in your society, meaning dogs are part of our public now, and you want to make sure your dog will listen to you when he needs to come to you.

If he’s going to another dog or if he’s just out in the public – and he needs to be a good animal – was very important first, I want to talk about being head of the pack. This is the first thing you want to make sure that your dog understands that they are not in charge of you.


Dogs work different than humans. We don’t need to be all dominant with each other and say who’s the boss and not the boss. Most of the time right with animals with a dog, it is very important to make sure that dog understands that he has to listen to the most youngest one in the family to the most passive one in the family. Also know.

going to another dog or

By doing this, you will be the pack leader and the dog will listen to you because they are not in charge of the household now. One way to do this is to just tell the dog deeply that you’re in charge not working for you well. This is a better way to do it put the dog on its back, and then you can put your hand next to its neck and also put some pressure. This will show the dominance of the dog very important that you are in charge and every single one in the family can go through this process.

Next is sit, is very important. That’S good trick for sitting is go up to your dog and you can pull up on the head and then make the butts it. So you can push down on the butt a little bit and then lift up on the head a little bit.

How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP

Also, by doing this once they said, you say: good sit, good sit, just go crazy. When they’re just sitting around the house, you can just say right to them good sit good set, and then you can go right up to on pet them and get all crazy and high voice. Now, when you ask them to sit, if they do, it then go crazy again.

If they don’t make your voice deeper shit and then you can go over and tell them by manually, pulling their head up and pushing their butt down and it’s a good set. Then you can go crazy. I believe in love is the best way to train a dog. You don’t ever want to hit a dog, it really gets you nowhere. Dogs are you can get afraid of you?

They can get more stubborn if there are dominant dog or you can ruin a dog like a golden retriever. That’S so sensitive! You even have to be careful with your your tone of your voice with a golden retriever they’re. So sweet next I want to talk about stay is very important, because if you have a dog and runs out in public, you want to make sure it won’t run in front of cars.

House Breaking (Potty Obedience)

You can stop it from going to another dog that might be more dominant and they can get in a fight. So this is very important by having your dog just laying down and staying you say: good stay, good stay, just buy them laying down. You can have the model lead. This is a better way with the lead is using it for come, we’ll go over that next. The stay is very important, though, because you want your dog to stay.

If there’s a car that came or if there’s a kid, that’s afraid of the dog – and you want to take your dog in all kinds of environments and go through the process of different temptations to make your dog’s day and then once they stay just go up To him go crazy, they could stay you’re such a good dog and just pet him really frantically and just get all excited with a high voice, and if they don’t listen to you, use a deep voice. Even though the women should use a very deep voice when their training, a dog and then high voice, when it’s doing well next is come-come is very important. This is how you get your dog to come to you when he is running some dogs.

Dog training program

Young Puppies

Stick with you closer like the australian shepherds and healers. These are herding dogs. They naturally stick next to you, some dogs, like the bolt they like to run it’s just very common, so it’s very important to teach your dog to listen to you with cum. One trick with using come is when they walk to.

Older Pets

You naturally just say: could calm good come and just really be very excited about it and just get all excited, then they start just understanding this command. When they’re naturally doing something, then you can take them out into different environments. Have them come to you and then just go crazy and if they don’t listen to you get a deep voice and then you can also use the submission if they’re not listening to you need to get them centered.

It’S very important to make sure before you train your dog to get them exercised, get them exercise, let them cool down and then take them to further training session, because dogs need their walk every day. They need to run, and that’s one thing that will distract them, especially if they’re younger in the puppy ages lay or lay down. This is a great one. It’S very important to have your dog lay down. This is also an easier one of the basics.

When your dogs, just laying there just a good, lay good lay and then you can go up to your dog and pet them and they love it, and that’s that’s a great way. You can use a hand command when you lay down, is just take your hand and lower it to the ground, and that will tell them that motion will be late, and you can say it without even using a word. Heel is very important. Your dog needs to be on your leash and not pull.

This would be a he’ll fail, and this is probably what you see in the public quite often – and this is probably one of the hardest things to teach your dog, and I don’t want to make it sound like it’s unachievable, it’s definitely achievable. It just takes a little bit more time. Some dogs don’t need a tough leash.

Most dogs need a choker, and a choker is basically just pulls on the neck and you’re able to get the tension. The dog, when they pull they get a little chain pull on the neck and that get some to actually start healing with you. This is a proper heal. You want the dog to be at a loose distance.

Next, you, the leash, shouldn’t, be pulling like that. Last picture: this is a proper heal when your dog, it you’re, teaching your dog how to heal it’s best to show that you are walking when you’re walking. If the dog starts getting in front of you, stop just stop in your tracks, make the dog walk backwards.


The dog should not be walking in front of you. If you need to submit your dog, you can put it on its back, put your hand on its neck and just get it back down, because this is going to be for the more dominant braids. It’S going to be a little harder than the more submissive freed like a golden retriever and other dogs like that. So it’s very important he’ll is very important because you want to be able to walk your dog without being polled then and tugged.

So this is a very good one to train when it’s very young, the most important time of a dog – that’s life is probably anywhere from six to nine months. In that range, you should make sure the dogs go out and get with kids. They should go in loud noises. They should take.

the hardest things to


Car rides, there’s a there’s, a crucial about two week window about a two week window I’ll just say it again, because I want you to make sure that in that time period of six to nine months, there’s a two-week window of whatever that dog has experienced or Experiencing it need it will be ok with it with the rest of your life. I did everything with my dog, but I didn’t realize I was not running on trails that have cars. I didn’t take them on sidewalks, I just did trail runs and then all of a sudden.

I was at that year mark and I realized he’s afraid of walking next to cars now and he cowers a little bit, and this is a strong dog, very important to make sure you get every environment. It took me probably about six months to train them. Out of that – and it took probably a solid year just to get a hundred percent – that was one thing that I missed, it was hard go lay down is a very important thing.

Go lay down is very important because when your dog is around the house – and you bring a friend over and they love this friend and you’re, trying to spend time with them and having appetizers and food, you don’t want your dog sitting there begging and also just Giving the your friend too much attention oh go, lay down is very important, so this is a proper go, lay down, you take your dog and you take it to a place that it can go to all the time. A bed is fine, it can just be a place at the house like on a rug.


It can it’s a place that they know that this is out of the way and it’s time for them to just take a rest and not be the center of attention. You can also just tell your dog to go lay down anywhere. So even if you’re at a friend’s house, you tell your dog to go, lay down they’ll, understand to go, lay down in a certain area and not be involved. Remember to be the leader of the pack. This is very important.


You want to make sure your dog understands that you are the boss and they are going to listen to you with any command and anything that you want them to do be loving to your dog. It’S very important, give it lots of love and they will give you so much love. There are most amazing animal in the world. I have a present for you, it’s a hundred and one tips on dog training.

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